Educational Opportunities in

Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City

Empowering young minds through high-quality education and upskilling

You’ll find state-of-the-art facilities and world-class academic opportunities at Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City. We have created a place where educational programs, learning institutes and commercial partnerships come together to feed young minds, leading up to our City incubator for startups. From Misk Art Institute, the Culinary Art Institute, Misk Schools, Riyadh Schools, and connections to the incredible schools in Riyadh, come and join over 4,500 students in our exceptional academic world.



Students across the city



student accommodation units


20 min

Drive from downtown Riyadh

MiSK Art Institute

Misk Art Institute

Encourages grassroots artistry, connects local artists and organizations, both regionally and internationally, through a network of collaborators and partners.

Culinary Art Institute

Culinary Art Institute

Explore the culinary arts and prepare for a rewarding career in food, drink and hospitality at this world-class institute.

MiSK Schools

Misk Schools

A learning environment to inspire creativity through personalized learning, tailored to the needs, aspirations, and talents of the next generation of young, multi-skilled leaders.

City Hub

The City Hub

A busy and exciting incubator for Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City startups, offering the support and infrastructure your ideas to grow and thrive.